Allegro, the operator of leading b-to-c and c-to-c marketplaces in Poland, has made its payment system Allegro Pay available to all users.

Allegro launched Allegro Pay in August last year. The service was at first available to a small segment of Allegro users and gradually rolled out to other users. This process has been officially ended now and the platform has just announced that the service is available to all.

Allegro Pay lets Allegro users defer or split payments. The threshold for postponing payments is PLN 30 ($7.8 U.S.). The option to split payments into monthly installments is on any order worth PLN 300 ($78 U.S. ) or more.

Allegro Pay reached its milestone of PLN 500 million ($130 million U.S.) in loans by the end of June and is on track to hit its goal of PLN 1 billion ($260 million U.S.) this year, the company said.

In addition to Allegro Pay, Allegro offers payment and financial services in cooperation with external partners, including PayU and several banks.

Allegro’s FY2020 net revenue was 4 billion Polish zlotys ($1.1 billion U.S.), up by 54.2% from 2.6 billion Polish zlotys in FY2019. Adjusted EBITDA was 1.8 billion Polish zlotys ($475.2 million U.S.) last year, which was 30.8% more than in FY2019.

As of the end of 2020, Allegro had around 13 million active buyers on its marketplace, an increase of almost 15% from 2019.

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