California tech veteran Jeff Zwelling announced on LinkedIn that he’s leaving ZipRecruiter to join StubHub as live events bounce back from the pandemic.

Jeff Zwelling

The 25-year tech executive told followers that after an inspiring tenure at ZipRecruiter, he thought he might retire early. But the challenge at StubHub, with business throttling up under the new ownership of Viagogo, was too attractive.

“Like an athlete who’s not quite ready to leave the field, or an artist who’s not ready to step off the stage, I realize that I’ve got at least one more in me,” Zwelling wrote on LinkedIn. “That’s why I’m so happy to share that I’m joining StubHub just in time for a stratospheric bounce in the live entertainment and sports industry.”

Zwelling’s title at StubHub is listed as “TBD” (to be decided). We asked StubHub for clarification but did not hear back.

From his high school days in the late 1980s until seven years ago, Zwelling founded, operated and sold a number of tech companies, including the likes of EchoSign, a digital-signature firm eventually acquired by Adobe, and Convertro, a sales-attribution company that was sold to AOL.

For the last seven years, Zwelling has worked as COO for ZipRecruiter, which went through an IPO this past summer.

“My seven years at ZipRecruiter have been inspiring. It’s so uncommon to have best-in-class players at every position — especially on a 1,000+ person team,” Zwelling wrote. “My time at ZipRecruiter has been so good that, after successfully navigating an IPO during the global pandemic, I thought I might be ready to hang it up and call it a career.”

Instead, Zwelling will be joining fellow Stanford Business School alumnus Eric Baker, who co-founded StubHub as a college project in 2000, went on to sell it to EBay, and then reacquired it as CEO of competitor Viagogo last year

Viagogo’s $4 billion acquisition of StubHub closed just as Covid-19 threw a wet blanket on live events in the spring of 2020, effectively bringing the ticketing business to a standstill. Forbes deemed it, “Worst. Deal. Ever.”

But things are looking up, Zwelling wrote.

People are buying and selling tickets, and Viagogo and StubHub have “begun to integrate the two brands into one combined, global secondary ticketing powerhouse,” he wrote.

Zwelling invited LinkedIn connections: “Comment below with the artist you’re most excited to see live or the sporting event you most want to attend as things get back to normal, and hopefully I’ll see you there.”

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