Prosus-owned, the leading horizontal in Russia, has launched an employer-verification feature for its recruitment category. 

Employers and recruiting agencies will now be able to get the “company verified” checkmark on Avito, confirming their credibility. To receive verification, companies must enter their tax details in their Avito account and confirm by replenishing the balance. Confirmation is carried out after a company transfers any amount from its current account to the Avito account.

Companies can obtain a mark if they:

  • have been working for more than six months;
  • are not bankrupt and do not go through bankruptcy proceedings;
  • are not in a state of liquidation;
  • regularly submit tax reports;
  • post vacancies on Avito for more than three months, do not have constant complaints from users, and do not violate Avito’s rules.

The weekly rechecking process is automatic. If the employer’s tax number changes, the company will need to go through the verification and due diligence processes again. An employer may lose the “Company verified” mark in the case of systematic violations of the Avito rules. It is possible to restore verfieid status after six months, and if there are no new violations.

As of August 2021, about a third of posted vacancies received the “verified” mark. 

Recruitment has traditionally been Avito’s weakest category (after autos, real estate and general goods), in large part due to the intense competition in the segment in Russia and the general obstacles that horizontals face in making successful recruitment offerings.

The company is currently in the process of trying to acquire, the leading real estate marketplace in Russia.

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