Prosus-owned, the leading horizontal marketplace in Ukraine, has become a leader among Ukrainian companies in personal data protection. received a 78% rating in an assessment based on four key aspects of the corporate policy: compliance with current Ukrainian legislation requirements on personal data, compliance with European personal data standards, technological aspects of the site and usability and inclusiveness.

With 80%, OLX took second place in terms of compliance with Ukrainian legislation. Parameters assessed within this category include an option to grant permission for personal data collection, information about collected data, the ability to delete saved personal data and compliance with the data minimization principle. 

OLX scored 75% in compliance with European personal data standards. However, there is room for minimizing the data collected about users and publishing preliminary versions of privacy policies on websites.

As for other Ukrainian classifieds,, the leading business-to-business and business-to-customer classified in Ukraine, took sixth place in the ranking with a score of 57.5%. E-commerce marketplace came in at fifteenth place, scoring less than 50%, which indicates a low level of personal data protection reflected in their corporate policy.

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