Automaker Toyota has launched Kinto One Personal, a car subscription service in Brazil, the company said.

The service allows individuals to rent a car under one or two-year contracts.

The product also includes Toyota car rentals that can vary between two-day to 30-day rentals within a separate service, the Kinto Share car rental.

Users can customize their car subscription by choosing a monthly mileage limit, which ranges from 800-km (497 miles) to 1,500-km (932 miles). All Toyota’s car portfolio in Brazil is available under the car subscription service, Toyota said.

The automaker’s subscription service is still expensive, ranging from BRL 2,682.59 a month ($529.15) for the simpler models up to BRL 13,168.69 ($2,434.23) for models like the SW4 SUV.

The car subscription service covers the insurance, local taxes, a reserve car when one is needed, 24-hour road assistance, among other benefits.

Toyota’s car subscription service comes as Brazil sees a boom in recent VC funding in car buying and selling marketplaces like Kavak, Volanty and InstaCarro. Kovi, another car subscription, also got recent VC funding.

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