Brazilian No. 1 horizontal OLX-Brazil has updated the visual brand identity for its real estate business unit, ZAP+, and well as for ZAP+’s two real estate verticals, VivaReal and Zap Imoveis.

ZAP+ updates identity. Image: OLX- Brazil, with thanks

Both verticals are part of ZAP+, OLX-Brazil’s real estate business division. ZAP+ includes the former holding Grupo Zap, which was acquired by OLX-Brazil in 2020 for BRL 2.9 billion ($525.4 million US).

OLX-Brazil said brand management consulting company Interbrand led the project to lift and position the existing VivaReal and Zap Imoveis brands.

Brantech company Adventures was responsible for creating a campaign to promote the ZAP Imoveis brand, which OLX-Brazil considers to be the biggest brand in Brazilian real estate.

OLX-Brazil is made up of two key business units: OLX, the company’s horizontal business, which also handles its autos and jobs verticals, and ZAP+, which includes the assets of former Grupo Zap.

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