Uxin Limited (Nasdaq: UXIN), a leading auto marketplace in China, appointed Wenbing Jing as its Chief Strategy Officer.

Jing is a veteran in the online auto marketplace industry and a core founding member of Uxin. From 2011 to 2019, he served various roles at Uxin, including general manager of Uxin’s southern division, and executive president and chief strategy officer. Before re-joining Uxin, he was the vice president and general manager of the used car department at Autohome Inc. (NASDAQ: ATHM HKEX: 2518).

Uxin’s Chairman and CEO, Kun Dai is pleased to see Jing rejoin the company and acknowledges his “significant contributions to the growth and development of Uxin.” Dai notes, “We look forward to Mr. Jing’s extensive experience and commitment to lead Uxin once again to overcome all obstacles and achieve remarkable development.”

At the same time, Uxin has appointed four vice presidents, namely Shuo Huang, Tong Wang, Chengbin Li, and Xiaobo Tan. Huang and Wang are both veterans at Uxin. Wang was once the senior partner of Uxin Group, and Wang was the legal representative of Uxin’s accident car auction business “Fengshun Lubao”, which was sold for RMB 330 million last year.

Chinese media speculates that Uxin’s recent appointment of new senior executives suggests the company’s strategic focus on its offline business. Since last September Uxin has transformed itself into an inventory-owning model, which has improved its operational efficiency and earnings.

In March 2021, Uxin opened its first inspection and reconditioning center (IRC), in Xi’an, a second-tier city in northwest China. Its mega second-hand auto mall in Xi’an was launched on 6 April, which was the first offline outlet of Uxin Group.

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