Property Guru and, the two Singapore-based property marketplaces, along with five real estate agencies will join forces to try and eliminate dummy and duplicate property listings.

The formation of the Alliance for Action (AfA) on Accurate Property Listings, with support of the city state’s Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), will explore ways of authenticating property listings.

“The AfA on Accurate Property Listings seeks to provide a transparent, efficient and reliable property listing search experience for property consumers and their property agents. We are delighted to have the various key stakeholders in the real estate industry coming together and taking ownership to improve the property transaction process for property consumers and property agents,” said Lim Chee Hwee, Executive Director of CEA.

The current proposal aims to develop by mid-2022 a prototype website to conduct checks on the authenticity of a property listing and assign a unique serial number to each property before it gets the green light to be published in the listing portals. When created, dummy or duplicate property advertisements can be completely eliminated from the listing portals to create a more positive user experience where individuals looking to buy or rent a property will no longer experience the frustration of searching non-genuine listings.

CEA was established on 22 October 2010 as a statutory board of the Ministry of National Development to regulate and develop the real estate agency industry in Singapore. Its key responsibilities are to license property agencies and register property agents, promote the integrity and competence of property agencies and property agents, and equip consumers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions in property transactions involving property agents.

“Fake listings are a huge problem. Not only is it annoying and dangerous for consumers, it is also a massive productivity sink for property agencies and portals. However, none of us can solve it alone, which is why it remains unsolved despite a clear winning outcome.” concluded Darius Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore portal

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