Rectech start-up Crosschq has received a further strategic investment from Okta Ventures and a group of businesspeople, part of its Series A extension.

The U.S.-based company offers AI-driven cloud-based SaaS solutions, such as Talent Intelligence Cloud, which draw on data to help employers find, assess and employ new staff. The company describes itself as “powering a revolution in data-driven hiring and people analytics to help companies better recruit and retain talent”.

Announcing the latest investment, CEO Mike Fitzsimmons said, “Okta’s solutions connecting identity management and HR together have been instrumental in bridging the employee lifecycle gap. We are fired up to combine the power of their industry-leading platform with Crosschq’s solutions creating a unified, secure solution for talent leaders and talent across the globe.”

Crosschq activated Okta’s SSO solution earlier this year, beefing up data security and reducing the risk of data breaches for clients.

“Part of our thesis at Okta Ventures is to invest in companies that are creating cutting-edge technologies to connect organizations and individuals,” said Austin Arensberg, director of Okta Ventures.

“Crosschq is solving a problem that is universal to companies big and small as Quality of Hire is fundamental to success at any level. We look forward to helping power their future.”

Participants in the latest investment include past and present executives from such companies as Google, eBay, Lyft, Pinterest and Uber.

The injection comes just two months after the U.S.-based start-up closed a $30 million Series A funding round with go-to-market plans to expand workforce and introduce products to improve processes of sourcing, screening and onboarding new hires.

Founded in 2018, Crosschq provides pre-hire candidate assessment and reference check services, which are customizable and integrated into workflows of employers and recruiters. It also runs a candidate referral network.

Powered by a DEI assessment tool, Crosschq collaborates with 70millionJobs, a jobs search engine for people with criminal records and CareerCircle, which provides pre-vetted candidates.

Like other rectech services, Crosschq also integrates into ATS Workday, SmartRecruiters, GreenHouse, ICIMS and others for job matching.

Crosschq says its AI-driven cloud-based SaaS solutions “were built with a talent-first approach prioritizing trust and transparency, minimizing bias, and protecting privacy”. Clients include Glassdoor and Upwork.

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