Zillow has introduced a feature on its iPhone app that allows home shoppers to browse property listings together from different locations on FaceTime. 

Available for iPad as well, the tool enables “a seamless, synchronous experience together with family, friends or a real estate agent,” Zillow’s announcement stated.

The experience works with a feature for FaceTime called SharePlay. During a FaceTime call, Zillow app users can start a SharePlay session to browse homes together, explore maps and view photo galleries in sync on Apple mobile devices. 

SharePlay works for devices running on iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1 or later. 

“Whether you’re shopping for a home or a rental, this new feature makes it easier and a lot more fun,” Zillow chief technology officer David Beitel wrote in the announcement

“The ability to browse together on separate mobile phones allows people to take their Zillow surfing to the next level. It’s also a great new way for real estate agents to connect with customers and guide them in their home-shopping journeys.” 

According to customer research, 86% of Zillow users report shopping with a partner, spouse or housemate. 

Read the full Zillow announcement here.

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