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2022 Real Estate Marketplaces Report

Despite economic turmoil, real estate marketplaces are poised to make a killing. Being quick off the mark in adapting to the chaos, the long-term changes are going to pay off. The fundamental shift away from listings to qualified seller leads is major.

In this 123-page report, we give you information to help you transform your business:

  • Trends: Seller-leads lead the move to transactions, the state of IBuying, data capture, whether a general property site can win in rentals and more
  • Company Spotlights: Real Web Group, Scout24, Zillow, Boomin’
  • Companies to Watch: AqarMap and EmlakJet
  • Top 50: The largest real estate marketplace and classified sites worldwide
  • Top 35: The 35 highest-revenue real estate marketplaces worldwide
  • Leading real estate marketplaces / classified companies in 66 countries, from A(rgentina) to Z(imbabwe)

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2022 Recruitment Marketplaces Report

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