Avito Rabota, a recruitment vertical of the Russian horizontal Avito.ru, has invested $1.2 million U.S. in human resource messenger startup HR Messenger, which develops recruiting chatbots.

The funds will be used to hire new specialists and further develop the company. The service will remain operationally independent to quickly implement product changes and flexibly adapt to Avito’s requests. 

Chatbots developed by the startup are able to automatically test job-seekers’ skills. Bots collect documents and assign interviews to applicants. Employers are involved in the process only at the the last stage of selection.

The service has existed on the market for three years and has become the leader in the industry by its number of clients and employed candidates.

In 2021, three million candidates were selected through the service for 90 companies, including Sberbank, Coca-Cola, Hoff, KPMG, Severstal and Beeline.

“Avito Rabota continues to invest in promising projects, becoming a technological online platform that covers all stages of hiring. It is hard to imagine mass recruiting without services that automate recruiting processes. And on the part of our clients, we see an increased demand for such technological solutions,” said Artem Kumpel, managing director at Avito Rabota.

“Thanks to HR Messenger, recruiting becomes more effective: candidates get the opportunity to communicate with the employer on a convenient platform. Also, the automation of routine tasks allows companies to fill vacancies faster.”

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