British real estate portal has extended the data services it offers to agents through its relationship with property data specialists Sprift.’s agents will now be able to use SmartMail, a full-service prospecting system designed by Sprift. It allows agents to send multiple mails directly to targeted properties, whether they are listed with another agent or even if they are not in the market at all. The service aims to help agents win more listings. SmartMail allows agents to run targeted prospecting campaigns and bespoke canvassing services.

The targeted campaigns part of the new tool includes specific triggers that can be configured so agents immediately receive details of newly listed properties. This means they can then send templated letters straight to those addresses or target those listed with other agents for a certain period of time.

SmartMail lets agents prospect individual properties, roads or catchment areas and can be filtered by property type or value depending on agent preferences, resulting in detailed targeted prospecting.

Letters to be sent to properties are available in a range of templates and styles, including postcard format and agents have scope to personalise messaging and add their brand.

The new service follows on from the new Market Appraisal Guides which OnTheMarket launched in October and new Market Appraisal Guides for lettings in December, both powered by Sprift.

“This will support our agents in building their pipelines as we start the New Year,” said CEO Jason Tebb.

“This is increasingly important given the historic low stock levels we’re currently seeing. In a market where demand is still very much outweighing supply in many instances, now more than ever it really is all about inventory, and with the addition of the SmartMail prospecting tool we’re ensuring our agents are well-equipped to win more listings.”

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