PurpleBricks has formally end ties with its last overseas business in Canada. PurpleBricks Canada was last week rebranded as FairSquare Group Realty, with the PurpleBricks logo, name and presentation removed.

The British-based hybrid portal actually sold its Canadian business to Desjardins for £35 million ($48 million U.S.) in July 2020 to raise cash to help support its U.K. business. The sale included the right for Desjardins to use the PurpleBricks brand in Canada up until December 2021. Now that period has been reached, the agency has become FairSquare Group Realty.

The sale to Desjardins followed a disastrous 18 months that saw the demise of all of its foreign operations, including in the U.S. and Australia. The Canadian business, set up via the acquisition of DuProprio/ComFree in July 2018 for around £29 million, was the only business that was successful. This signaled the end of PurpleBricks expansion into overseas markets and its ambitions to become a global brand.

“That’s why we needed to rebrand from Purplebricks. When we rebranded … to PurpleBricks it wasn’t the choice of the business, it was the choice of the shareholders because they wanted to create that global brand, explained Pascal Laflamme, president of FairSquare Group Realty, in an interview with Canada’s Real Estate Magazine.

“And I felt the marketing, the messaging also, wasn’t perfectly adapted to the Canadian reality, whereas FairSquare is a brand that we feel reflects who we are as a business and how we want to be perceived by the customers.”

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