Singapore-based Carousell Media Group has launched Connect, the first “recommerce” programmatic buying advertising tool, providing users with alternative options to access their audiences on a larger scale — including video, display, audio, and CTV.

Connect is a software that automates ad management and measures reach, making it a competitor for Google Ads and Facebook’s business suite, where clients can buy sponsored advertisements and promote specific products directly on the marketplace. The tool allows users to analyze the demography (in the major countries in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong) and measure the content engagement/interaction.

Connect is also intended to bring visibility and generate clicks on websites. Sporting goods retailer Decathlon, which used the service first during its 11.11 campaign last year, said it had been able to target active lifestyle shoppers and fitness enthusiasts and drum up significant website traffic.

“Using the new advertising service Connect, we were able to strengthen our relationship with the young fitness-focused community, generating a massive amount of website traffic that exceeded our initial expectations from the campaign. Furthermore, Connect managed to help us expand this tactical campaign and reach more users in a time of fierce competition,” said Charles Tan, head of search engine marketing at Decathlon.

Carousel Media Group is the one-stop advertising website the Southeast Asia-focused multi-vertical marketplace Carousell Group (which owns Carousell,, Cho Tot, OneKyat and Ox Street) has created for its clients. The company has verticalized strongly into autos too, recently announcing the launch of Carousell Auto Group, which encompasses its automobile classified businesses across the region.

“We have seen unprecedented growth in our retail business over the past 12 months. This is driven by consumer demand for sustainability as well as e-commerce, and it is quickly becoming a key component of the consumer-brand relationship. We’ve developed and rolled out the Connect service to enable brands to reach buyers and consumers in order to sell both inside and outside of our markets,” said JJ Eastwood, CEO of Carousell Media Group.

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