Citing improved internet service in developing countries, LinkedIn has decided to sunset LinkedIn Lite, a no-frills version of its app launched in 2017.

The company said the smaller app was no longer needed in a world where Internet speeds are less and less a concern.

“Five years later, the world has digitized at an unprecedented pace, with huge improvements in Internet usage and mobile Internet speeds across the world,” LinkedIn Director of Product Management Ajay Datta wrote in a company blog post. “We have heard from our members in developing markets that our full-version app and mobile web experience now better serve their needs.”

The company removed LinkedIn Lite from Android app stores last week and plans to deactivate it on March 15.

Adoption of LinkedIn’s main app in India has grown four times the global average in recent times, making the no-frills version less relevant there, Datta explained. Switching from Lite to the full version provides members with added features such as a full suite of messaging tools, video connection and full profile displays. 

The full-version app has been fine-tuned and has become less bandwidth-sensitive, Datta added.

India is a key market for LinkedIn, accounting for more than 10% of its 810 million global users. The company reports 85 million Indian users compared to 71 million a year ago. The 20% annual growth rate compares to a global average of 12%.


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