Fashion rental platform Hurr is extending its services to include resale.

The London-based site has hitherto offered peer-to-peer fashion rentals, direct partnerships with retailers, and a white-label service.

Founder and CEO Victoria Prew said the company had been quietly testing its new “Keep it Forever” functionality after seeing some trending phrases from its users relating to keeping and offering to buy items.

“Over the next few years, we’ll see a big convergence between rental and resale. We’re building Hurr to be the go-to location for all things circular,” wrote Prew on LinkedIn.

“’Keep it Forever’ came to us as an idea directly from our renters and lenders who wanted a wider set of options for managing their wardrobes. Customers can now use rental to discover new brands, or trial new styles and silhouettes. If they fall in love with a piece that they know they’ll wear for years to come, we’re here to facilitate that.”

Explaining the new service on Instagram, the company outlined, “If you see something you love make the lender a reasonable offer. If you agree a price, it’s all yours!”

The service expansion comes just one month after the site raised $5.4 million in seed funding, which was earmarked for improving its proprietary technology, increasing its white-label partner roster, and developing its community.

Founded in 2017, the marketplace describes itself as “a tech-first platform with thousands of renters and lenders building a smart solution for fashion.”

Citing principles of the circular economy and sustainability, the company says it has direct partnerships with over 85 fashion players, while its white-label service has been adopted by UK-based retailer Selfridges.

On the British fashion rental scene, Hurr competes with peer-to-peer players By Rotation, Loanhood and My Wardrobe HQ, while globally the sector includes companies like Tulerie in the U.S., Dublin-based Nuw and UAE-based Designer-24.

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