In a recent interview with news website El Español’s Innovar Para Vivir (Innovate to Live) podcast, Adevinta Spain CEO Román Campa (LinkedIn profile) discussed his company’s growth plans. Adevinta Spain operates a range of marketplaces, including Fotocasa,,, Milanuncios and InfoJobs. 

According to Campa, “In 2000, newspapers accounted for 99% of this type of advertising. By 2019, this figure had fallen to 11%. We are convinced that the future is purely online.” He added that, “Technology plays a fundamental role. In fact, technology is the basis of Adevinta. We invest around €3 million ($3.39 million U.S.) annually in research and development to offer the best solutions to our clients and users, and we are constantly hiring new talent on all our platforms.” He said that Adevinta was seeking growth through “personalization and transactionality.”

Adolfo Rodero (LinkedIn profile), managing director of Communications, Media and Platforms Iberia at Accenture, also appeared on the podcast. Rodero noted, “In Germany and especially in the UK, the classifieds industry is more developed in terms of income [than in Spain]. There is potential for growth in Spain relative to the size of the economy.” 

In Dec. 2021, Accenture published a report titled “Online Classifieds: From the Sale of Products to the Exchange of Experiences,” analyzing the current state of marketplaces in Spain in a global context. It found that marketplaces in Spain generated less revenue than those in Germany and the U.K. (relative to the size of their respective economies) largely because more lucrative specialist marketplaces–particularly those focusing on employment–had a more significant presence in the latter two countries, whereas general marketplaces like Milanuncios and Wallapop were more prominent in Spain.

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