Avito.ru, the No.1 horizontal in Russia, hired a new director. An experienced e-commerce top manager, Hartmut Fink, became the director of the transactional business of Avito Goods. A vital responsibility of the new leader is to develop the delivery and payments business.

Avito hunted him from the Amazon company, where he spent 10 years. During this time, he managed to work in the company’s offices in Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey, and China. He was responsible for launching and scaling the Amazon Marketplace business in the European Union in his most recent role. Before that, in 2006, he received a Master Business Administration Diploma from the University of Oxford. 

Here is what Hartmut Fink himself, the new director of the Avito transaction business, says about his new role, “I am very pleased to join the Avito team, I see a huge development potential in the Russian social commerce market, and I am ready to help create the best conditions for our buyers and sellers. Avito Delivery was launched quite recently, and we will continue to systematically improve the service by offering our customers the ability to sell and buy products across the country. With safe, secure, and convenient tools for buyers and sellers, they no longer have to worry about their orders, shipments, and payments.”

Ivan Guz, Deputy General Director of Avito, adds, “Safety and convenience of making transactions is an essential priority for Avito. For this, we have been developing the Avito Delivery service for several years, which allows sellers and buyers from different regions of the Russian Federation to make transactions on very favorable terms and not worry about the logistics and security of money transfers.

We are seeing a considerable increase in demand for this service, and our team has already managed to achieve impressive results. However, we are still at the very beginning of the journey.

Considering our audience’s massive demand for this service, we single out all transactional services for delivery and payments in Avito Goods in a separate direction. We are glad to welcome Hartmut, with his international experience in launching similar products, in his role as a Head of this direction.”

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