Belgian real estate site has introduced a new service called MultiList. The system is a Multiple Listing Service and is a collaborative application for real estate agents and developers to share information on listings and commissions.

“We’re seeing that Belgian agents want to assist increasingly more buyers in their search for a property, including outside their own portfolio. MultiList offers the possibility to quickly and efficiently search other agents’ offers and easily contact them. While one agent can help their buyer faster, another agent can let their seller benefit from increased interest in their property,” Yves Vanderveken, business director at Zimmo told media.

MLS-type systems are common in the U.S., but quite rare in Europe. They encourage competitors to work together in order to ensure more successful transactions. MultiList is the first application of its kind in Belgium, although brokers have discussed the need for this type of service for quit some time.

To access MultiList, “real estate professionals pay a fixed rate to share an unlimited number of properties. The agreements regarding the compensation for the purchase or sale are made between the brokers themselves,” said Vanderveken.

Zimmo is one of the leading real estate sites in Belgium with 4 million monthly visitor, according to SimilarWeb. It is part of the multimedia group MediaHuis.

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