Colombian real estate company ACasa has raised a seed funding of $38 million U.S., the company said.

ACasa is a real estate concierge that handles property buying for individuals, from spotting a home to close and even managing a loan. It operates in Colombia and Mexico.

The seed round was led by Quona Capital, which made its first investment in Latin American real estate. Real estate-focused investment fund Metaprop, Wollef, and Y Combinator also joined the investment round.

Out of the total $38 million funding, $4.7 million was seed funding, and the remainder $33 million was debt.

There has been a steady VC funding activity in Latin America’s real estate or “proptech” over the past few years.

From I-Buying to rental-focused marketplaces, several companies, such as QuintoAndar and Loft, have managed to become unicorns.

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