HeadHunter Group, the No.1 recruitment marketplace in Russia, has launched two new features for its primary site HH.ru — a quick apply feature via chat and a call-tracking feature for calls to employers. 

In a move largely aimed at applications for blue-collar positions, HeadHunter now permits candidates to apply for vacancies using only the integrated chat feature. No registration or resume is required for the applicant. Job-seekers just have to answer a few questions provided by the chatbot and their application goes direct to the employer. It’s a fast-track system designed to collect more applications in volume-hiring roles.

The company has also introduced call-tracking technology, which now masks incoming calls to employers from the HeadHunter site. Applicants are able to call employers directly, but their numbers will be masked and employers will see a message stating that “a candidate from HeadHunter is calling you.”

Now, call tracking is activated automatically free of charge for all listings that are published in Rostov, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Novosibirsk, and the Krasnoyarsk regions. However, it’s not available in other areas yet.

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