In Poland, EBay has launched an AI-based tool to translate listings on its marketplace into Polish. The move is to support the company’s plans to become one of the top three e-commerce platforms in the country, according to a report on news site

EBay is also going to launch a mobile app for Polish users soon and then gradually start adding additional features used in other countries, based on the analysis of consumer behavior. Currently, there are about 1.4 billion offers and over 520 purchase categories available on eBay in Poland.

EBay has been present in Poland since 2005 but it has never managed to take root to the same extent as in many other markets. It slowly wound down its Polish operation, leaving only the international version of its site.

In February received 1.9 million visits. In the same month,, Poland’s most popular marketplace received 182.6 million visits, according to also faces fierce competition from sites such as (8.9 million visits),, (7.9 million visits), and (4.2 million visits).

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