RemoteUkraine, a London-based charity, has launched a non-profit recruitment pop-up site called RemoteUkraine. It is a website helping thousands of refugees and internally displaced Ukrainians find work at home (in safe territories) and abroad. Employers can post all types of jobs.

More than 1,200 companies have posted listings, including Microsoft, SAP, Amazon, Kelly, and others. Around 6,000 users have already registered. The site is free of charge to use for any party. It is permitted to communicate and contract directly with employers outside the platform.

RemoteUkraine provides a variety of listings, including remote or in-person, part-time or full-time roles. Employers of any country can propose a job for Ukrainians. It’s possible to hire both contractors and employees directly, or employers can hire through one of the company partners that can handle the contract, taxes, and all payments. The process is pretty simple — make a job description and publish the listing; search for candidates in the talent pool; review applications; and finally create a contract.

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