Greece-based real estate marketplace has unveiled a new intelligence service to disseminate property data and information to improve transparency and ease investment in the property market, according to PowerGame.

Using big data tech and machine learning, Spitogatos Insights presents graphical representations of the supply and demand situation in the market and other metrics to help “banks, consulting firms and real estate appraisals” in making investment decisions.

Local entrepreneur Dimitris Melachroinos co-founded Spitogatos in 2006. In 2014, Luxembourg-based Real Web SA, which runs Italy-based real estate marketplace, acquired the majority stake in it., along with its partner sites and, dominates the online property market in Greece, attracts traffic far in excess of competitors and TheProsperty.

Spitogatos has appointed David Hueso Gutiérrez (LinkedIn profile) head of the new service. Gutiérrez is ex-CEO of real estate AI startup UrbanData, which is based in Spain.

David Hueso Gutiérrez

“At Spitogatos Insights, we want to be next to the market to support it in making decisions through real and reliable data,” he said.

Melachrinos added, “The first step in this direction was the creation of the SPI Price Index in 2019. We have unique technology and data in Greece and abroad, we are integrating our platforms and consequently our capabilities with the rest of the group companies, and now we are mature enough to take the next step in real estate data with the creation of Spitogatos Insights and its proper staffing.”

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