Axel Springer’s StepStone Group, has published details of its German product releases over the last 12 months on

It launched its ‘Working from home filter’ in August 2021. Launched to respond to changes in jobseeker behavior due to the pandemic, candidates now have the option to filter job search results by ‘work from home,’ either as 100% or that can be taken on at home or at a workplace.

A gender bias decoder was launched in November. It analyses job adverts or any other text to highlight gender coded terms and to raise awareness on the hidden implications of language choices. TotalJobs data science and linguistic team have created a dictionary for decoding gender bias and a list of alternatives for male-coded terms. The decoder suggests alternatives so recruiters can improve job advert copy. Both product updates also launched in the U.K.

Further releases exclusively for German TotalJobs platform occurred throughout the year. In August, a salary tag and filter on the result list for behind registration was released. It means logged-in candidates can see estimated salary ranges on the result list and candidates can filter jobs by salary, enhancing the user experience and providing more transparency. The aim is to give candidates all relevant information to help them decide whether to apply for the job. Salaries in the job agents was also released, improving the coverage of data points and giving more precise predicted salary ranges.

In November, more salary-related updates were launched with salaries in the instant job match and instant job match plus job agents on

December saw Google One Tap released on search results, homepage and listings. GOT is a prompt that appears on Chrome or Firefox browsers when the candidate is not logged onto but is logged into their Google account. It asks if the candidate would like to use their Google credentials to create an account with Stepstone and helps encourage candidates to register with Stepstone.







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