Czech horizontal has launched a new service Aukro Reality with real estate auctions. The new service is still in its infancy and currently lists only about 10 real estates for which users can bid.

All auctions are public, so anyone can get familiar with how much bidders want to pay for listed properties. However, the opportunity to bid is only available to those who are admitted to the auction and have been verified, either personally or by paying a refundable deposit.

The real estate listings are complemented with the information on their price valuation, which is provided by Valuo, a property valuation company Aukro has partnered with. Aukro chargers sellers a flat daily rate for each day the property is listed on the site., an auction-based leading marketplace for new and used goods in the Czech Republic, was launched by Naspers in 2003. In 2019, Czech investment group Pale Fire Capital (PFC) bought a 55% stake in the company for $11 million U.S. and later increased its stake to 82%. In March, the site saw 6.6 million website visitors, according to SimilarWeb.

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