Japan-based proptech company Ga Tech has appointed a new executive officer to lead its overseas expansion, starting from Southeast Asia.

Koichiro Ando

Effective May 1, Koichiro Ando took charge of his new role to internationalize Renosy Marketplace, which provides home search, renovation, asset utilization and management services.

Ando, after graduation from college in Japan, joined auto marketplaces’ operator Idom Inc. and served the company until 2005 when he migrated to Thailand, Ga Tech said in a hiring announcement.

As a serial entrepreneur, Ando then set up various ventures related to mobile phone sales, travel and car rental services. He also built a rental agency DL Life, which Ga Tech acquired in December last to mark its move in Southeast Asia.

DL Life has so far mediated rental property deals for more than 14,000 Japanese expatriates, according to Ga Tech.

“We are confident that demand for real estate and financial services will increase further in the future. We will revitalize cross-border real estate transactions in Japan, China, and Thailand, and strive to expand Ga Technologies globally, starting from the fast-growing market of Southeast Asia,” said Ando.

The company also runs a real estate investor-focused app, a property crowdfunding platform and IBuyer Renosy Sell.

According to its latest results, Ga Tech earned $5.9 million in quarterly operating profit on $146 million sales revenue.

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