In Poland, Pracuj Ventures has acquired a minority stake in human resource (HR) management software provider PeopleForce for an undisclosed amount.

PeopleForce is a cloud-based HR system designed to help businesses streamline hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement operations via a unified platform. It enables HR teams to capture and store employees’ details in a centralized repository, track applicants, conduct surveys to analyze employees’ satisfaction, and more.

PeopleForce originates from Ukraine where its software is used by more than 250 organizations. The company also operates in an English-speaking market and is about to offer a localized version of its software in Spain and Poland.

Pracuj Ventures decided to invest in PeopleForce due to the maturity of its system and its experienced team. Despite the war, it managed to retain the vast majority of its customers, outline a strategy for entering new markets, and adjust the offer to the needs of current and future customers, said Paweł Leks, managing partner at Pracuj Ventures, in a report for Polish news site

Pracuj Ventures was launched in May 2019 to invest in HR and education-related startups. Funds available to the fund come from Grupa Pracuj, some of its shareholders and managing partners of Pracuj Ventures.

Grupa Pracuj operates — the most popular job site in Poland. It also owns applicant tracking system ERecruiter, programming school Coders Lab, and leading Ukrainian recruitment platform

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