ROAM Jobs, a leading pan-African recruitment marketplace has announced a merger under a new identity known as The African Talent Company with a new vision to bridge the talent gap in Africa by developing solutions to address both the demand and supply aspects of the African labour market.

Previously, ROAM Jobs consisted classifieds companies such as  Jobberman Nigeria, Jobberman Ghana, BrighterMonday Kenya and BrighterMonday Uganda, while The African Talent Company operated a C-suite talent spotting service for major companies. Under the new merger, it will provide a more holistic approach to the challenges plaguing the African labour market by providing solutions and services along the entire value chain of African Talent Management. This would ensure that recruiters have access to a whole spectrum of HR recruitment solutions which includes manpower outsourcing, offline recruitment and digital recruitment. While for job seekers, The African Talent Company will invest in more easy-to-use, relevant and self-service e-learning products to upskill users on its platform. 

“The world of work has evolved rapidly in the past two years,” Chief Executive Officer of The African Talent Company, Hilda Kabushenga Kragha said. “Increased digitisation has made remote work, gig work, and BPO become mainstream, further highlighting the great skills divide in Africa and the need to invest in the training of young Africans if we are to effectively participate in this new, globally competitive workforce. 

“Our new mandate will see us move beyond the traditional marketplace and begin to holistically tackle the challenges we see in our labour markets in a hybrid approach that benefits both seekers and employers, and we are moving into this new era as The African Talent Company.” 

In its 10 years of operation, ROAM Jobs, the umbrella name for Jobberman Nigeria, Jobberman Ghana, BrighterMonday Kenya and BrighterMonday Uganda, has established itself as the leading player across several African markets, building a portfolio of 4.6 million job seekers and 150,000+ employers. In 2021 alone, the company said it secured two-thirds of all paid job listings across all its markets.

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