AutosBuzz: Speaking at the AutosBuzz conference in Barcelona today, consultant and author George Nenni (LinkedIn profile) discussed the launch of Google Vehicle Listing Ads (VLAs) in North America. Nenni is the author of “A Car Dealer’s Guide to Google Business Profile” and “A Car Dealer’s Guide to Digital Marketing.”

According to Nenni, “Search for a 2017 truck, and Google VLAs will deliver thumbnail listings with a photo, together with the year, marque, model, trim, price, mileage and even the transmission type and type of wheels.” He noted that this gave searchers “much more front-end content” and asserted that this had a much greater “likelihood of matching the intent of searcher.” He added that sources within Google had told him it intended to beginning testing VLAs in Europe later this year.

Nenni added that third-party marketplaces depended on Google organic search for much of their traffic but that VLAs intercepted web traffic before it reached paid or organic listings. However, he noted that the business impact of VLAs on third-party websites in North America was not visible yet.

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