Speaking at the AutosBuzz conference in Barcelona today, Mathias Albert (LinkedIn profile), founder and CEO of Germany-based car subscription service ViveLaCar, asserted that subscription “closes a gap in the market without cannibalizing other products.” The business is asset-light — ViveLaCar does not own any vehicles itself.

Albert described the business as a “360-degree multi-brand platform for customers, dealers and OEMs.” He noted that as many OEMs were shifting from a dealer system to an agency model where they sell cars directly to consumers, “used cars are becoming more important for dealers.” According to Albert, the subscription model sits between rental and leasing. He added that subscriptions with ViveLaCar can be cancelled at three months’ notice, “otherwise, there is no difference from leasing.”

He sees the future of dealerships as offering a combination of leasing and subscriptions to consumers. According to Albert, as cars depreciate in waves, dealers can exploit this by using a subscription model during periods when the value of the vehicle is relatively stable. He said the company’s aim was to “protect and extend the value-generation lifecycle for car dealers.” 

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