Want to get ready for a job interview? Try Google Interview Warmup. Or … not!

Chris Matyszczyk, a satirist who writes for ZDNet, skewers the artificial intelligence tool in a post that notes “Interview Warmup promises it’ll help you practice key questions, get insights about your answers, and get more comfortable interviewing.”

“For each job type, there are five questions. For data analytics, the first question was: ‘Can you please tell me a bit about yourself?’ Ah. Oh. Has nothing really changed? Interviewers are still as lazy as they always were? And is there any good way to answer this?” Matyszczyk wrote.

Matyszczyk cited off-the-wall responses he gave to some of the questions, and a few of the off-the wall questions Google asked. For example, while preparing for an e-commerce interview: “Explain the benefits of e-commerce platforms to someone who is completely unfamiliar with e-commerce.” He started his response, “Hullo. How are things in outer space? …”

Matyszczyk says the Google AI tool tries to be helpful. “It may well be that those who are especially nervous in interview may enjoy being able to practice by talking to a robot. It may be more incisive than practicing in a mirror or with a friend who’s holding a glass of wine. But this all feels a little like a job interview as a test.”

He wasn’t impressed. Or maybe he was. But definitely not positively.

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