Leading Russian classified Avito has launched a new delivery option for sellers through its own logistics system with a secure transaction mechanism.

Through the new feature, DBS (Delivery by Seller), sellers on Avito have the option to ship goods independently. They must enter the tracking number into the site so the goods are trackable. Avito’s “Safe Deal” mechanism will still be in place.

The Russian Post and SDEK are connected to the system, and the company has plans to incorporate other logistics operators.

The transaction’s security procedure for both parties will remain the same: once the buyer has selected and paid for goods on the site, the partner bank reserves the funds. Money is transferred to the seller’s card only after accepting the goods. If the buyer refuses the goods delivered, the cost delivery fees are returned to their card. This method is especially convenient for professional sellers who ship many goods at once and use different channels for selling and promoting.

Unlike Avito.Delivery, the responsibility for the delivery quality with this method lies with the seller, and mutual settlements for delivery between the logistics operator and the seller are carried out directly. Avito processes payments for goods, tracks orders and calculates tariffs for users. Avito also transfers the shipping cost paid by the buyer to the seller to compensate their expenses.

“About 300,000 entrepreneurs work on our platform regularly, as well as 1.5 million private sellers who use Avito as an electronic storefront. DBS is the next step that will help all our clients doing business on Avito to trade throughout the country with even greater convenience,” said Sergey Pustylnik, logistics director at Avito.

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