Indeed Japan has launched an information platform, called Lead, to help recruiters and personnel departments build recruitment strategies which are in line with current HR and job market trends.

Lead features articles and webinars for recruiters and personnel departments on a variety of topics — from diversity, equity and inclusion in employment and population formation to corporate branding, organizational design and management.

The site also offers information on how to write job offers, attain lower churn rates and improve employee engagement, and LGBTQ measures to be considered for inclusive career growth.

Lead is not a new concept to, a global recruitment marketplace owned by Japan-based Recruit Holdings. It has already been introduced in eight countries and used by many employers since its launch in the U.S. in 2020, Hiroyuki Oyagi, general manager of Indeed Japan, said in a news release.

Recruit Group, launched in 1960 in Tokyo, owns various online businesses, including multiple job sites, which get more traffic engagement than competitors, such as MyNavi and En-Japan.

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