SuperJob, the second biggest online job search platform in Russia, announced the launch of an educational marketplace called SuperCourse. It is still in so-called “pilot mode”. At the time of writing, 250 courses offered by leading online schools in Russia were listed on the new marketplace.

According to the company, the courses cover all disciplines. The courses will help SuperJob’s users to either learn a new profession, or update their knowledge and skills to get a higher salary. 

“In pilot mode, SuperJob independently selects and registers online schools on the site. Starting from September 2022, the platform will operate as a marketplace with self-registration on SuperJob and payment for online course applications,” SuperJob’s team commented.

Thanks to the network effect, SuperJob can advertise SuperCourse’s courses monthly to more than 14 million users. With artificial intelligence, SuperJob’s algorithms will analyze users’ search queries and resumes to suggest the most appropriate courses.

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