Zillow has rolled out a new feature that lets users search multiple properties in up to five areas simultaneously. 

The U.S.’s No. 1 home search site also announced several upcoming features to speed up search and expand filtering options.

With the continued tight housing market, shoppers are expanding their home search across broader geographies to include multiple neighborhoods or states, Zillow’s announcement stated.

“In today’s fast-paced market, home shoppers need to see as many options as possible with the fewest clicks,” wrote Zillow chief design officer Jenny Arden. “This new Zillow feature allows users to refine their search and be confident that all their options are in front of them. Whether looking for apartments in only the hippest neighborhoods of Austin, Nashville, or Raleigh or focused on three-bedroom homes in a short list of Los Angeles suburbs, the multi-location search will save home seekers time.” 

The multi-location search feature on the Zillow app allows shoppers to find available homes in up to five different areas and lets them sift through listings on the map or in the same results feed. 

Users can save multi-location searches and request email and push notifications with results and recommendations. 

Zillow also announced a few search features that are soon to come or under development, including:

  • soon-to-come filters to help users find homes based on commute times and monthly budgets. 
  • filtering under development to sort homes by internet speeds, walkability, accessibility, and more. 
  • filtering under development to exclude homes by specific criteria, a feature often requested by customers. This would help declutter search results while letting shoppers resurface hidden results by clicking the “more” menu if they change their minds later. 

The full Zillow announcement is here.

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