An internal analysis by horizontal OLX Egypt of category performances in H1 2022 found its auto section to be the strongest performing category in terms of buying and selling activity, reported Al Borsa News.

The analysts examined the four main categories–autos, real estate, products and jobs–analyzing 280 million visits to, which is owned by the UAE-based Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG).

The auto category posted 550,000 ads in six months, with more than two million buyers and more than 380,000 sellers registered. The auto vertical saw an aggregate 84 million visits and 14 million interactions with car ads, according to the report. OLX Egypt noted upbeat customer interest in buying used cars in the period despite the overall lull prevailing in the automotive sector.

In the real estate category, more than 700,000 properties were listed in the first half, and more than 40 million visits were recorded. At least 1.5 million buyers and more than 355,000 sellers were registered with 9 million user interactions. According to the report, demand for buying properties was seen to grow from people who considered the real estate sector a safe bet and lucrative amid economic challenges.

OLX Egypt’s product category received the second highest visits of 60 million after autos. The products vertical, comprising electronics, electrical appliances, furniture and other products, received more than 2 million ads with interactions from 15 million users. At least 2 million buyers and 960,000 sellers were registered to the vertical as of the end of June.

The job vertical saw more than 10 million visits with 70,000 postings from 40,000 employers/recruiters. More than 1 million job-seekers were registered with the site, while two million users interacted with job ads in six months.

OLX Egypt said user interest in other categories keeps on growing due to enriching digital experiences.

Naspers-owned Prosus invested $150 million in EMPG in 2020, which led to EMPG taking over OLX’s operations in Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman, as well as the acquisition of UAE-based horizontal Dubizzle.

OLX Egypt’s main competitors include and EMPG, which launched in 2005, operates marketplaces in 16 countries, including well-known names, such as Bayut, Zameen, Lamudi and Mubawab.

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