LaHaus is launching LaHaus Fraction, a new luxury ownership model, in Colombia. The new service will allow owners and investors to acquire properties for short periods of time.

Alejandro Rigatuso, LaHaus Product VP, commented, “LaHaus Fraction is an intelligent way of having a property, because a fraction is purchased for an eight of the property value and it is enjoyed two or three time a year, for one or two weeks, which leaves free weeks for its rent, if the owner so chooses allowing him to earn an extra income.”

According to El Nuevo Siglo of Colombia, this is the first time a prop tech will offer this kind of investment method, which lowers barriers to access the high-end real estate market, while maintaining the rates of return and appreciation of a traditional property.

LaHaus Fraction will debut in Cartagena de Indias with the launch of the Cabo Mar luxury real estate development. With LaHaus Fraction, Cabo Mar buyers will purchase an entire, fully-furnished luxury apartment for about an eight of the total cost. The owner will have access to the apartment two or three times a year, for one or two weeks. The owner can either enjoy the property or rent it out when they aren’t able to use it. Owners can acquire fractions of ownership on the company site, manage them using an app and sell them when they wish, with assistance from real estate specialists.

Founded in 2017 and located in Medellín, La Haus’ vision is “making financial and geographic freedom accessible to millions of households in Latin America.”

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