Cian, the biggest Russia-based real estate vertical, endorsed the joining of Vladimir Verkhoshinsky, chief executive officer at Alfa Bank, on the company’s board of directors. Verkhoshinsky was also appointed to the audit committee under the board of directors.

The board also agreed that, based on his education and experience, Verkhoshinskiy is financially literate, in terms of the requirements of the New York Stock Exchange

Verkhoshinskiy, with a master of business administration (MBA) and a public management program degree from Stanford University, has more than 15 years of experience in top positions in banking and finance.

In April 2022, HeadHunter’s chief executive officer Mikhail Zhukov also joined Cian’s board of directors. Meanwhile, in 2022, two foreign managers, Chloe Harford and Gilles Blanchard left the board of directors.

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