According to a local newspaper, Iranians welcomed the used-car price estimation tool introduced by the country’s No. 1 general marketplace Divar.

Estimating the car price based on performance, manufacturing year, body, color conditions, past transaction records, and other relevant data points, the AI-powered tool saves users from in-person visits to dealers for price research before buying or selling. This is also a relief for private individuals in the market where online price comparison remains a problem.

Users who recently used the feature, available for free online, to buy cars expressed their satisfaction about it while talking to EghtesadNews. With all its limitations related to accurate price estimates, because of its reliance on honest reporting by sellers, the AI price estimate tool instills trust in transactions, brings transparency, and empowers consumers, according to industry experts. was launched as a side project of app-based marketplace CafeBazaar in 2012. Last year, its app was installed more than 23 million times from CafeBazaar.

The horizontal has multiple categories from real estate, autos, jobs, and personal goods to home appliances and services. In the used-car market, it offers competition to auto marketplace which is also considering the rollout of a price calculator.

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