Arctic Shores, a U.K.-based provider of behavior-based recruitment assessments integrated with TeamTailor, a recruitment and employment branding ATS helping employers build their teams more effectively.

The combination allows recruiters that use TeamTailor to add the Arctic Shores psychometric assessment as a stage in the recruitment process. This will give them greater insight into the potential and suitability of individual candidates without needing to switch between the two platforms.

Arctic Shores’ behavior-based assessments claim to measure candidates’ unique behavior and their natural strengths and potential. They provide an overall score for a candidate, which is set against specific, set, key success criteria for a specific role. TeamTailor uses a candidate card that gives a result which is then converted into a score out of 100. This can then be shared with hiring managers, who decide whether to progress candidates to the next stage of the recruitment process.

“Our integration with Arctic Shores will make the hiring process seamless and efficient but also ensure that every candidate has an equal chance in the process,” said TeamTailor partnerships manager Nathan McLaughlin.

“TeamTailor and Arctic Shores both place the candidate experience at the heart of what we do,” said Arctic Shores chief product officer Claire Jaques. “With our TeamTailor integration, recruiters can finally leave behind manual CV screening.”

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