LaHaus is launching a new luxury ownership model in Colombia, LaHaus Fraction. The timeshare-style service will allow buyers and investors to acquire a share in high-end properties, which they will be able to use or rent out for parts of the year.

According to a report in Colombia news portal El Nuevo Siglo, this is the first time a proptech company has launched a fractional ownership scheme, which lowers barriers to access the high-end real estate market, while maintaining the rates of return and price appreciation of a traditional property.

LaHaus Fraction will debut in Cartagena de Indias, alongside the launch of the Cabo Mar luxury real estate development.

Under this new product, Cabo Mar buyers will own a share in a luxury apartment, which will be fully furnished and equipped, for about an eighth of the total cost.

Owners will have access to the property two or three times a year, for one or two weeks, during which they can stay in or let the apartment.

Owners can acquire their fractional ownership on a digital platform, manage it using an app and sell their share when they wish to, while having access to and assistance from experts and real estate specialists.

Alejandro Rigatuso, LaHaus product VP, described LaHaus Fraction as an “intelligent way of owning a property,” allowing owners to generate extra income by renting out the apartment when they do not wish to occupy it.

LaHaus is a real estate marketplace for homeowners and investors, which seeks to make the homebuying and selling processes easier.

Cofounded by Jerónimo and Tomás Uribe, Santiago García and Rodrigo Sanchez Rios, LaHaus launched in Colombia in December 2016 and expanded to Mexico in 2019. More than 6,000 units have been sold on the marketplace, which has more than 9,000 collaborators.

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