U.K.-based MotorK, a SaaS provider for the automotive retail industry, has closed the acquisition of WebMobil24, as it seeks to expand its presence in Germany. The AIM Group reported on the firm`s intention last month.

WebMobil24, which offers vehicle-inventory management services, is the owner of used-car platform Romoto.de, which serves nearly 10,000 dealers across Europe.

The company has strong relationships with leading manufacturers in Germany, such as Opel, Suzuki and Kia. MotorK believes the deal will help expand its customer base and create cross-selling opportunities for its “SparK” platform.

“I see great synergies and attractive opportunities when our companies work together and look forward to the close cooperation,” said CEO Marco Marlia, announcing the takeover negotiations.

WebMobil24 was founded in 2000 by Volker Zweigler as an online car exchange. Since then, the Frankfurt am Main-based company has expanded to cover the entire spectrum of vehicle-inventory management. The service package includes IT solutions for car dealers, manufacturers and service providers.

With the portal Romoto.de, WebMobil24 is also represented on the European used-car market and, according to its own information, supports around 10,000 car dealers.

MotorK, founded in 2011, specializes in software as a service (SaaS) for the automotive trade in Europe. The group offers a suite of automotive-specific cloud-based modules to support customers in sales as well as their digital presence across the entire customer journey. It recently acquired Belgium-based provider CarFlow.

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