Malaysia-based c-to-b-to-c automotive marketplace Carsome recorded 260,000 used car transactions during its seven years of operation in Southeast Asia.

Since its launch, the second-hand car company has sold more than 18,000 used cars in four main markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

“We have continued to strive to strengthen our position as the largest integrated car e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and I am very proud of the diversity, strength and capability of our team that has supported Carsome’s growth,” said Eric Cheng, co-founder and Group CEO of Carsome.

The company also recently acquired Singaporean used-car dealer CarTimes Group, according to Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Although the two automotive businesses have distinct core models and transaction structures, both owners say the tie-up will help the companies capture a bigger piece of the regional car trading market.

Meanwhile, to meet the growing consumer demand for quality used cars, the company launched Carsome Certified Lab, the first and largest repair facility in the region. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the Lab has the capacity to repair more than 2,000 cars per month and announced a new advisory board in order to accelerate the company’s development and growth.

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