Rental deposit company The Dispute Service (TDS) has signed an investment and distribution agreement with blockchain-based property portal OpenBrix.

TDS has previously worked with OpenBrix to develop original tenancy deposit management features. The collaboration aims to drive innovation within the tenancy deposit sector by enabling TDS tenants to view and manage their deposits with the free app, anywhere and at any time.

TDS has also agreed a licensing deal to launch the ‘tlyfe’ app to its tenants across the U.K. later this year. Tenants who download the app will be able to access a range of features being developed by TDS and OpenBrix.

The app is still in development but allows tenants to control their rental deposit and overall renting experience. It is described as a “multifunctional digital ID and rental passport… that allows tenants to be in control of all their property needs.”

As well as tlyfe, OpenBrix offers Openflo, an interactive tenant onboarding system, Search, a property search portal and MLS, a multi-listing system to share properties with other estate agents.

“We can’t wait to share it with tenants across the UK. Having a distribution deal and strategic partnership with TDS will bring tlyfe to potentially millions of tenants,” said OpenBrix chief executive Adam Pigott.

“With their expertise in the PRS, and our industry leading technology, we believe we can connect all elements of the property market.”

OpenBrix was founded by Pigott in 2018 after a successful career as an estate agent. OpenBrix operates its portal, its multi-listing system and a tenant onboarding system. The portal launched in December 2019.

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