Ukraine-headquartered recruitment aggregator Jooble is inviting applications for the project incubator it announced in May. The company plans to incubate more than ten projects annually, investing between $100,000 U.S. and $2 million U.S. in each.

Founders who wish to be considered for the Jooble Venture Lab can apply on a dedicated site. The startup studio is focused on ideas from the recruitment field, which can be anything intended to help people in their job search.

As an incubator of internal projects, with all resident startups automatically becoming part of Jooble, the scheme means founders do not have to give up stable employment to try to develop their business idea.

Requirements for candidates include to be C/C-1 level with expertise in the product development, marketing, or business development spheres, and being an experienced entrepreneur looking for new opportunities to grow.

Jooble is offering to provide all the resources entrepreneurs need to turn their ideas into reality, without their having to give up the benefits of corporate life. The company also plans to open new lines of business in the employment sphere through the lab.

“We want to develop the export potential of Ukraine and create products that are used throughout the world. Would you like to try or just talk about this opportunity? One minute to get acquainted with the idea of the incubator and send a link to your profile,” said Jooble co-founder Roman Prokofiev.

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