The U.S. administration has engaged ZipRecruiter, and college recruitment site Handshake to address a nationwide shortage of teachers.

Jill Biden, wife of the U.S. president and a practicing teacher, led a discussion this week at the White House with executives from the job sites, government leaders responsible for education and labor and two national teachers’ union presidents.

“There are so many … future educators out there who want to teach but decide against it or decide to leave because so many obstacles stand in their way, and we’ve seen that this summer,” Biden was quoted as saying in “And if we want to draw more bright, talented people into the field, if we want educators to be able to do what they do best, we have to give them the pay and the support they need.”

The three recruitment companies have taken on different roles in the initiative. ZipRecruiter is powering a new niche job board for openings at primary schools, Indeed will set up virtual hiring fairs for education workers, as it for more than 700 employers during the early pandemic. And Handshake, an early career job site valued at $3.5 earlier this year, is promoting education jobs to college students, including at a virtual event slated for October.

Along with the job board initiatives, the labor and education secretaries proposed using federal funds to support teacher apprenticeship programs and they urged state government to use pandemic relief funds to increase pay for teachers.

Nationwide, public schools are missing 299,000 workers, according to a LinkedIn post by ZipRecruiter chief economist Julia Pollak. She wrote that in more than 10 states, school staff headcount is at least 5% below pre-pandemic levels.

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