Sebastian Dahlgren has announced his departure as CTO of Saltside Technologies, a Sweden-based developer of online marketplaces.

Sebastian Dahlgren

Dahlgren took to LinkedIn over the weekend to announce that he was leaving the group after more than seven years. He joined Saltside as engineering manager in 2015 and moved up through various positions to attain the rank of CTO, a role he held for almost four years. He said he would announce his next step in a week’s time.

Founded in 2011 and based in Sweden, Saltside Technologies operates marketplaces in developing economies. Currently, it owns two leading horizontals in their respective markets: in Bangladesh and in Sri Lanka.

Earlier this year, it sold Tonaton, a general marketplace with pole position in Ghana, to Walie Holdings Limited, owner of pan-African horizontals.

Dahlgren (LinkedIn profile) has mainly worked with Sweden-based companies during his career, which started in 2005. He also spent some time as global IT operations specialist with a Cambodia-based firm and has worked in Denmark.

“It has been a crazy journey which has taught me a lot in so many domains. I’ve been diving deep in technologies like Go, Thrift, Protobuf and loads of databases, leading teams big and small, learnt about new markets, tried on product management, met with new cultures, explored countries I would probably never had [sic] otherwise. A more diverse and challenging workplace is difficult to imagine. It is also a workplace where the culture of growing people is super strong,” he wrote, announcing his departure.

“With this I just wanted to thank all employees, past and present, of Bikroy,, Tonaton, Efritin [a general marketplace in Nigeria] and Saltside for these years. And for all the warmth, openness and the great attitude which has shown that we can, with small resources, really build big and at scale.”

Dahlgren was wished well by colleagues. “It was awesome working with a person like you. I love the way you push everyone to be their best version. May our paths cross again sometime. All the best,” said Bikroy CEO Eshita Sharmin (LinkedIn profile).

The group has not yet announced Dahlgren’s replacement, according to individuals with knowledge of the matter.

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