Seattle, Washington-based general-goods marketplace OfferUp has launched employment as a new category. After being tested regionally, it was launched nationwide in the U.S. on Sep. 15, GeekWire reports. Currently available on the OfferUp app but not on its website, users can peruse job listings by keyword and location, with a personalized jobs feed also on offer.

OfferUp’s new job search feature

However, users cannot post jobs to the app, as all listings are provided by a third party, a company FAQ explains. Neither can they share or save listings or upload their CV. All listings have an “Apply Now” button, but in every case this redirects to an outside website — either a job board or the employer’s career website. If a user is taken to a job board, they may be redirected for a second time to the employer’s website. Before filling out an application, they need to register on that website.

All in all, it is little more than a search tool — and one with a clunky UX at that. The AIM Group contacted OfferUp to ask whether it would be further developed, but we had not received a response at the time of writing. OfferUp claims that 56 million buyers and sellers use its platform, GeekWire reported.

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